Pressure Treated Decking

Knock the ugly clean off your backyard. Step up to high-quality YellaWood® brand products.

There’s nothing quite like the natural beauty of a wood deck. And there’s nothing quite like YellaWood® brand productsthe best available protection against rot, fungal decay and termite attack. When it comes to sheer variety of deck boards, from thickness and width to grade, and specialty treatment, we have more options than you can shake a 2x6 at.

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Pressure treated decking can be used for various parts of the overall project, such as:

  • The deck base or under structure
  • Hand Railings
  • Banister
  • Pickets
  • Posts
  • Stairs and runners
  • Trim

Pressure treated wood acts as a barrier to protect the wood from rotting both on the inside and the outside.  Having a pressure treated deck will allow the homeowner to have peace of mind when entertaining or using their deck area. Knowing that the posts and beams are protected from the elements will reduce the risk of the wood buckling or breaking.  A pressure treated deck is an excellent investment and will increase the overall property value.

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  • Proven long-term protection against rot, fungal decay, and termite attack
  • Lighter, more natural appearance
  • Broad offering of grades, sizes, and treatments
  • Budget-friendly
  • May be placed in direct contact with aluminum building products
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Thicknesses: 5/4" and 2"
  • Widths: 4" and 6"
  • Grades: Standard, Premium (5/4"); #1, #2 Prime, #2 (2"), C&BTR
  • Lengths: 8'-24'
  • Profiles: Bullnose, Radius Milled Edges, Square Edges
  • Specialty Treatments: Water Repellent, KDAT

Product availability varies by region.