Wood Treatment Process

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Wood is an economical and renewable resource. However, when left untreated, it is subject to attack by insects, rot and decaying fungi. You can protect your wood project in a number of ways, but none ensures the long-term protection that pressure treating offers.

YellaWood® accepts only the highest quality yellow pine to undergo the preserving process. When the lumber arrives at our plant, we check the load for quality and then it is loaded into a giant cylinder.

A waterborne, copper-based solution is forced deep into the cellular structure of the wood. Under tremendous pressure, the liquid enters the wood to protect against bacteria, fungi, insects and marine organisms that normally feed off its fibers.

After several days of drying and another quality inspection, the treated lumber is ready to be delivered to retailers.

At YellaWood®'s treating facilities, we go to great lengths to ensure that the product we ship is of the highest possible quality.

First, all our plants have enclosed warehouses ranging in size from three-and-a-half to five acres, protecting the pressure-treated lumber from the sun and rain.

Second, we check the lumber three times for quality: when it arrives at our plants, after we treat it, and before it's shipped.

Learn more about the micronized copper wood preservative used in YellaWood® brand products.

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