Building Code Compliance

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The preservative process used to treat YellaWood® brand products is the copper based preservative with a co-biocide that revolutionized the wood treatment industry.  In it, copper is milled to sub-micron sized particles and suspended in solution rather than dissolved.  The result?  A lighter, more natural (and more appealing) appearance than other treatment processes.

Extensive field testing has proven the effectiveness of the micronized copper preservative and its viability as a long term player.

YellaWood® brand products are treated with one of two versions of the micronized copper preservative depending on location.  Check the end tag to determine which preservative was used in the treatment of a particular product.

Wood treated with micronized copper preservatives (MCA and uCA) meets requirements of model building codes for many applications.  ICC Evaluation Services has issued a code evaluation report for both preservative types.

Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) - ESR-2240 (pdf)

Dispersed Copper Azole (μCA) - ESR-1721 (pdf)

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