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Kiln-Dried (KDAT) Pressure Treated Decking

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Want a deck that’s a cut above the rest?  Maybe you like the appearance and durability of composite deck materials but prefer the look of real wood?  Well, now you can have it all with YellaWood® KDAT deck materials.

Professional deck builders will tell you that nothing beats the appearance and long-lasting quality of a deck built with YellaWood® KDAT pressure treated wood.  KDAT is Kiln Dried After Treatment, which delivers many advantages that make it the top of the line choice for homeowners who prefer the natural beauty and character of real wood for their outdoor projects.

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  • When lumber is dried in a kiln, the excess moisture is removed so you’re free to finish your project without waiting. Install, paint, stain, or seal and enjoy. What could be easier?
  • Because the kiln offers a controlled environment and the wood is dried evenly, this process also helps minimize the natural tendency of freshly treated lumber to shrink, cup and warp. With a stiffer and more stable product, you’ll minimize after-installation issues that occur when regular treated wood dries naturally.
  • With YellaWood® KDAT, you’re getting deck materials made from boards that are inspected and rated according to their strength and appearance. With options that include YellaWood Select® and YellaWood SuperSelect®, your deck will be virtually free from knots and wane, the uncut bark edge of a board that has been milled from a log. This gives you the luxurious appeal of a composite deck while maintaining a completely natural look at a fraction of the price.


  • YellaWood® KDAT – YellaWood® brand products treated with micronized copper preservatives already offer improved painting and staining properties, but freshly treated wood has to dry out before it can be finished. When you build with a product that has been dried after treatment there’s no waiting.
  • YellaWood Select® - YellaWood Select® brand KDAT is a high-grade product, with wood chosen for a beautiful appearance and high strength ratings.
  • YellaWood SuperSelect® - Made from top grade lumber, YellaWood SuperSelect® brand KDAT products provide a unique combination of beauty and strength. With small knots and high strength properties, a YellaWood SuperSelect® brand KDAT deck is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Product availability varies by region

What in Tarnation is KDAT?

Following pressure treatment, KDAT products are placed in a large oven, or kiln, where excess moisture is removed and the wood is returned to its original moisture content. This process offers a controlled environment and the wood is dried evenly, helping minimize the natural tendency of freshly treated wood to shrink, cup and warp.


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