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AZEK Mouldings are available in many of the most popular moulding profiles. Known for their longevity and durability, these moulding products won't split or crack and can be installed using traditional tools and fasteners. Available in white with built in UV protection, you can install without needing to paint. Backed by a 25-year warranty.

Available in:
Crown Moulding, Bed Moulding, Cove Moulding, Imperial Rake Crown, Rams Crown, Historic Sill, Sub Sill Nose, Water Table, Quarter Round, Scotia, Drip Cap, Adams Casing, Back Band, Band Moulding, Base Cap, Brick Mould, Colonial Base Cap, Crosshead Pediment, Rake Moulding, Shingle Mould, Square Profile Moulding, Wainscot Cap, Fluted / Reeded, Garage Door Thermostop

For more information, see the AZEK Moulding website.

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