How to Build Your Career with Wood

YellaWood® Careers

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When you look at a 2x4, what do you see?

Is it simply a scrap piece of lumber from a backyard treehouse that you’ve long outgrown? Or, do you see the potential that lies within?

Can you picture a gazebo overlooking a placid lake? A doghouse to keep your canine companion comfy? Or a playhouse for the little ones? Even better, what about a rewarding career? (No, you didn’t misread that; we really said "a rewarding career" in the same paragraph with gazebos, doghouses and playhouses.)

"No way," you may say. "I'm not the 'woodsy' type. I don't look good in plaid, beards are itchy and don’t even get me started on flannel."

Well, consider this: not too long ago, our owner, president and CEO, Jimmy Rane, felt exactly the same way.

He was wrapping up law school when he had the opportunity to take over a floundering treatment plant in his hometown. He’ll be the first to tell you that he didn't know a 2x4 from a 2x6. But what he saw was more than just dimensional pieces of wood: he saw potential. And that vision eventually grew a small-town, three-man fence post treating plant into the industry leader that now employs nearly 1000 people.

If you see that potential too, keep reading (we like you already). We offer a number of opportunities to unlock your potential and build a rewarding career.