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Basketball has Michael Jordan, business has Jack Welch, computing has Bill Gates and investment has Warren Buffett.  No matter what the subject matter, there's always one person that people turn to as the leading expert in that field.  In the world of tree house construction, that person is Pete Nelson.

For over 15 years now, Pete and his crew from Nelson Treehouse and Supply have been traveling the world building some of the most incredible tree houses in some of the most awe-inspiring locales on the planet.  Now, Pete is taking his passion for tree houses to the airwaves in an hour-long television show airing on Animal Planet called "Treehouse Masters."

The eight-episode show, which premiered Friday, May 31, features Pete and his team bringing people and nature closer together.

"My passion is bridging the spiritual connection between man and nature," says Pete.  "We awaken that inner child who dreams of living among the trees."

Often described as a tree whisperer by his clients, colleagues and contemporaries, Pete uses an approach that's part science/part art to create incredible homes and businesses that are sustained by nature's foundation – trees.

From the start, Pete lets the trees do the talking, giving him solid information of where and how to erect each arboreal sanctuary. Then, he and his team execute the most outrageous tree houses designed to delight every whimsy, form and function.  Whether he's contriving magnificent multi-bedroom tree houses with state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms or rendering simpler, peaceful one-room escapes, Pete always goes out on a limb to create the most breathtaking tree houses with spectacular vistas.

"At YellaWood®, we're all about outdoor living," says President and CEO Jimmy Rane, "and what better way to truly experience the outdoors than through a tree house?"

Rane's Abbeville, Alabama-based Great Southern Wood Preserving, Incorporated, makes YellaWood® brand pressure treated pine and is proud to sponsor the show's first season on Animal Planet.

"As a fan of architecture," Rane continues, "I can appreciate the artistry that Pete brings to these incredible tree houses.  As someone who's been around construction for nearly 50 years now, I can appreciate the difficulties and complexity that come with building a safe, functioning house 25 feet in the air.  Not only is Pete an accomplished builder, but he's also an incredible artist.  What he does is beyond words."

New episodes of "Treehouse Masters" airs Friday nights through July 19 on Animal Planet at 10 pm ET/PT, immediately following the popular show "Tanked."

YellaWood® brand products are available treated for a variety of applications from above ground uses like decking to ground contact applications such as deck support.  A complete list of treatment retentions and applications is availble online for easy reference and to assure you select the correct product for your project.

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