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  • Adirondack chair, table & footstool
  • Picnic table
  • Dog house
  • Window box
  • Potting bench
  • Daytripper chair & table
  • Raised veggie bed
  • Sandbox
  • and more!

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Why YellaWood?

Home improvement expert Danny Lipford explains why YellaWood® brand products are right for your next project.

Project Photos from YellaWood® DIYers

YellaWood® has long been the outdoor DIYer's choice for pressure treated lumber. Here's a collection of YellaWood® backyard projects sent to us by DIY builders.


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If you believe in teamwork and a commitment to being the best and are interested in joining the Yella Tag Team at one of our fifteen locations, we’d love to hear from you. We offer a number of opportunities to unlock your potential and build a rewarding career.